Nigeria is a country that is well known for its engagement in trade and selling of it natural resources to different parts of the world. Nigeria is well known for its economic activities. Yet a great deal of potential is still yet to be know and tapped with the hidden gem that we call the Tourism industry in Nigeria. Nigeria that has a total of 36 states that all hold different local governments that have different levels of resources and manpower is present in the different states. With Abuja being the capital city and Lagos being the financial Centre. Calabar being well know for its festivals and Tourism activities to different states holding having different events within the calendar year. Nigeria is a bustling country that is full of people who are vibrant, full of life and energy and the enjoyment of life. Some of the tourism infrastructure that can be found include.

Abuja for example which has the following Tourism sites:

  • Zuma Rock
  • Millennium Park
  • The national Mosque
  • Aso Rock
  • Jabi Lake
  • Our arts and cultural centres that are around

The Arts and cultural scene that is well know in the entertainment industry is one in which Nigerian Musicians have put Nigeria on the global stage. The stage has been created for Nigerian musicians to really put out Nigerian music for the world to enjoy and see Nigeria in a different light. A light that is seen with energy, fun, passion, entertainment, and culture.

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