The relationship with Technology and different industries is starting to show more and more as different industries  look for creative ways to merge technology with banking, education, hotels and travel. It is this growing interest that allows for different sectors to maximize the use of their service or product to be able to really reach out to their customers. The growing use of virtual reality is one that is growing as customers are able to view items, places or even hotels in a digital environment.  Virtual reality is an artificial environment that uses the senses such as sight and sound through a computer as one’s actions reshape what happens in the simulated environment. That being present we are able to see the connection between a hotel and the Virtual reality as the customer is placed in a virtual environment of the hotel from the lobby area , rooms, to extra services offered at the hotel.


Virtual reality allows for hospitality organizations to promote their properties and also destinations to show off their country. People are able to take a virtual tour of the facility to know if they would like to spend their money for example at a hotel or a particular destination. Customers are able to feel in the moment as they use virtual reality as they are able to feel like they are fully immersed in the property or tourist destination. In addition, it allows for customers to have a better idea as to how well they will enjoy themselves or not during the course of their trip. Virtual reality is a new thing that will be making its way into the industry, As a service can only be experienced and can not be consumed. However, with Virtual reality this will help   change as clients will be able to pick destinations based on what they have experienced via virtual experiences.


Virtual reality might look like it is just for the technological field yet we are seeing things in the hospitality industry. This is not just present in the hospitality industry but also in the gaming sector. Virtual reality will be offering travelers a means to see themselves at a certain destination without being present at their desired destination.  Which means  clients might be making travel arrangements to certain destinations as they enjoyed what they see on the virtual reality goggles.

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