Capacity Building & Empowerment

Dewdrop Institute provides professional training opportunities and internationally recognized certification on Social, Healthcare and Hospitality Services.  Dewdrop Institute was initiated by Dewdrop Foundation ( DDF page) to improve the professionalism and quality of the unskilled workforce in the Social-Care and Hospitality Sector.

The Institute is a platform for life long training, career development and entrepreneurship. Dewdrop Institute’s initiative is structured to develop diverse job opportunities and create leverage for its Graduands in the job market. Dewdrop Institute has been accredited by City & Guilds, UK to provide its globally recognized training programs/qualifications and certifications. City and Guilds, UK is the global leader in vocational training programs. It offers life-long training and multiple levels of development opportunities. City & Guilds courses and certifications are equivalent to diverse levels of formal non-vocational education, ranging from Level 1, which is equivalent to SSCE/GCSE, up to level 9 Certificate, which is equivalent to a Doctorate degree/Fellowship FCGI.

Dewdrop Institute Abuja currently offers City & Guild’s International Vocational Qualification Diploma in Health Care and International Vocational Qualification Specialist Diploma in Health Care. These courses have been designed to provide a comprehensive core programme of learning and assessment for healthcare workers in a range of settings. These settings range from residential to hospital, day care services and home care. The chosen vocational qualifications offer comprehensive coverage of the knowledge, skills, and core values needed by workers to deliver effective and safe services. They provide a sound knowledge base which will enable learners to approach their work and further development with increased confidence.

These qualifications or courses will suit you if you are already working, or would like to work, in the health and social care sector. You want to learn the skills and knowledge to support individuals and forge your own career development path in the health and social care sector.

Both qualifications: Diploma in Health Care and Specialist Diploma in Health Care comprise four core units:

• Developing own knowledge and practice in a care setting
• Rights, responsibilities and protection in care
• Communicating with and completing records for individuals in a care setting
• Understanding health and safety practice in a care setting

For the Specialist Diploma in Health Care, you also complete four optional units from a range that includes:

• Supporting the physical and emotional comfort of individuals
• Promoting, maintaining and understanding mobility
• Working in collaboration with informal Caregivers.

What We Do

Courses: Dewdrop is focused on Improving the quality of services in the Health & Social Care, and Hospitality Industry.

Health & Social Care

The quality of care services delivered to our vulnerable loved ones such as the elderly, children and persons with special needs, is key to achieving their overall well-being.

However, around the world we have so many unskilled persons providing caregiving services. Dewdrop Institute is geared towards closing that gap by providing professional training on the following programs/qualification;

The following Courses are offered in the Advanced Certificate Professional Care Service Program;


PCS 201 – Older Persons Health Management
PCS 202 – The Importance of Emotional Wellbeing
PCS 203 – Child & Adolescents Care
PCS 204 – Social Care for Older Persons
PCS 205 – Rehabilitative Services
PCS 206 – Special Needs Care – Disability Management
PCS 207 – Home Management
PCS 208 – Internship & Personal Development Plan

The following courses are offered in the Assured Basic Certificate Professional Care Service Program.


PCS 101 – Introduction to Professional Care Service (PCS)
PCS 102 – Supporting Basic Human Health
PCS 103 – Fundamentals of Social work
PCS 104 – Meal Planning & Food Preparation
PCS 105 – Cultural Diversity
PCS 106 – Customer Service
PCS 107 – Housekeeping
PCS 108 – Record Keeping & Documentation
PCS 109 – Personal Development Plan

The following Courses are offered in the CPP Program:

  • Introduction to Caregiving
  • Understanding and Respecting Client’s Culture
  • Record Keeping
  • Health & Safety in Care
  • Importance of Nutrition
  • Equality and Diversity in Caregiving
  • Effective communication
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Employment procedures
  • Mandatory Internship with a Client or at a Care facility

Qualification Aim

The aim of this qualification is to provide Certified Professional Training for the development of a skilled workforce in the Care sector, that would establish caregiving as a progressive professional career in Nigeria.

The training aims to bridge the skill gaps that is predominant in the sector by enabling Learners to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills that will enable them to provide high standard professional care for their clients, and consequently improve learner’s ability to secure decent jobs and flourish as a personal care service provider in a highly “in-demand” sector of the care economy.

Qualification Objective

The Objective of this qualification is to provide more detailed health-related knowledge and work experience about vulnerable clients: eldercare & childcare, with internship opportunities in a health-care facility, educational facilities e.g., Creches/children’s day-care Centers and Nursery schools. etc., as well as in selected private homes that need Caregivers for the elderly, and children and/or people with special needs. DDI would include the Learners on its database of Caregiving Interns and train them to negotiate an appropriate basic “allowance” for their services during their internship period.

The Global Hospitality qualification is certified by City & Guilds International of UK, building on over 140 years of experience and expertise in designing standards and assessing workplace competencies in the hospitality industry. It is designed to recognize the skills and experience of those working in the hospitality industry. Dewdrop Institute has been accredited by City and Guilds International, UK to offer the following Global Hospitality courses.

  1. Food Preparation and Culinary Arts
  2. Food & Beverages Services
  3. Reception Services
  4. House Keeping

Upon successful completion of the training, the Learners are issued a globally recognized certificate and digital badge by City and Guilds International, which enables them to compete favorably with their counterparts in the global market.

Other training opportunities at DDI Centres


Dewdrop Institute has designed this course to address the gap in the employability skills of most Nigerian graduates, such as researching potential employers, preparing good resumes, preparing for a job interview, preparing attractive business plans, basic computer skills, customer care, etc. in most Nigerian graduates.

This is a huge barrier to securing well-paid job after school, hence our interest in providing these sets of individuals with quality training to bridge these gaps.

The training is planned to take place within four (4) weeks and will be delivered by our team of experienced consultants with detailed curriculum contents, well equipped facilities, digital equipment and other learning tools/aids.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, DDI suspended enrolment and training of new Learners until the year 2021.

On the Job Professional Training in Home Management

As part of DDI’s mission to have skilled care providers work in homes, hotels, hospitals and other work environment, we are offering professional work-based training in Home Management to increase the knowledge, skills and to empower youths who are already working.

Such Learners are required to obtain the approval and support of their employers to spend their personal time on their studies.

Our goal is to upskill the domestic workers, youths, women and other potential home managers while on the job, and enhance the quality of the services they deliver to their clients and employers.

The training arrangement involves blended learning (in-class and online via a digital platform), hands-on supervision, on-going assessment of their skills at their workplace and rating of their performance by the Institute’s approved Assessors and Mentors