Becoming a DewDrop Caregiver

Many who provide care giving services to children and the elderly especially in our homes, have no training for the important roles they play in our lives. This poses a significant risk for our loved ones as caregivers when employed, as they may not know how to administer basic first aid, maintain proper hygiene, prepare appropriate meals or know what sort of communication skills are  needed for special cases.

As a result of this gap, Dewdrop Institute is offering a 6-month professional training for caregivers, with UK and Nigerian curriculum. It includes learning outcomes and knowledge in: Safety and Protection in Care Practice, Rights and Responsibilities in Care Practice, Communication Skills, Diversity and Stereotyping, Health, Hygiene and Nutrition Management, First Aid Skills amongst other skills.

Dewdrop Institute is currently offering City & Guilds’ International Vocational Diploma Qualification (IVQ) in Health and Social Care, and will introduce other City & Guilds qualifications in  the future as the need arises. Our Health & Social care training schedule is flexible, and is designed to accommodate people who wish to acquire professional skills in caregiving thus creating more professional jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in Nigeria.

Participants will be tutored by facilitators with decades of experience in health and social care within and outside Nigeria. Upon successful completion of the training, the trainees will be issued a dully approved certification from Dewdrop Institute and an optional globally recognized certificate from City and Guilds, UK. Dewdrop Institute will provide continuous support and professional development opportunities for its graduates so they can further their careers in the field of caregiving.

The training  will help stakeholders create a new and professional standard for the Health & Social Care sector in Nigeria, thus reducing the risk of putting the  lives and well-being of vulnerable children and the elderly posed by untrained caregivers and domestic staff in the society.

We believe that the customized Health Care program will be of high benefit to all parents & family members; nannies/domestic assistants; school owners, teachers, teachers’ assistants, support staff in crèches/day care centers, nursery/primary schools; nurses, Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW), and other medical support personnel in health care facilities, people with special needs, as well as early retirees and the unemployed amongst others.