Certificate in Professional Care Services (PCS)

Certified by Dewdrop Institute

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Professional Care Services (PCS 101)

  1. Understand the role, responsibilities and basic qualities required of an effective and efficient professional Caregiver.
  2. Have a broadened frame of mind about the knowledge of the caregiving profession in order to accommodate the content of the course.
  3. List and explain the basic legal rights of the clients and that of the caregiver.

  4. To understand basic workplace ethics and code of conduct for caregivers.
  5. Identify core areas of interest and understand how to develop and achieve personal career goals.

Supporting Basic Human Health (PCS 102)

  1. Understand the meaning of health and primary health care for all
  2.  Understand the basic functions of the digestive system and know how to support a client’s daily nutritional needs to ensure a healthy living 
  3. Understand the respiratory system and know how to identify, react and report symptoms of respiratory problems and refer clients
  4. Understand the nervous system and how to support clients with nervous system dysfunctions and other related health challenges
  5. Identify and support clients with mental health needs and provide adequate support for their care

Fundamentals of Social Work (PCS 103)

  1. Understand the Concepts and Theories of Social Work Practice
  2. Understand the application of theories and concepts in social work intervention for the vulnerable
  3. Understand the areas and practical settings of social work practice 15
  4. Understand how to assess a client’s needs, situation and plan the kind of support to be provided
  5. Understand how to help clients adjust to changes and challenges in their lives e.g., illness, unemployment, aging, divorce, deaths, abuse etc

Meal Planning and Preparation (PCS 104)

  1. Understand meal planning and food preparation.
  2. Identify different classes of food and their importance
  3. Understand food safety and hygiene
  4. Know how to prepare and portion meals to meet the dietary needs of clients.
  5. Provide evidence of the Learner’s practice of the care-giving skill learnt from this Unit in a Care Facility OR a practical internship environment

Cultural Diversity (PCS 105)

  1. Understand the concept of Culture and its diversity across the globe
  2. Understand the Components of Culture
  3. Understand the definitions and application of basic Cultural concepts
  4. Understand the protective characteristics, policies and legislative provisions in Caregiving  Services
  5. Understand the impact of Constitutions on Caregiving

Providing Customer Service (PCS 106)

  1. Understand the concept of Customer Service
  2. Understand the importance of Service Standards and its impact on a Customer’s experience
  3. Effective Communication techniques
  4. How to handle demanding Customers and difficult situations

Housekeeping and Home Management (PCS 107)

  1. Introduction to Housekeeping
  2. Why is housekeeping and home management important
  3. What are the benefits of a well-managed home
  4. What are the tasks for home management
  5. What are the principles of home management?

Record Keeping and Documentation (PCS 108)

  1. Understand the concept of accurate Record Keeping & Documentation
  2. Understand the Essentials/Importance of accurate Record Keeping and Documentation in Caregiving
  3. Understand what information needs to be documented and guidelines for documentation
  4. Know the different software used for documentation and how each one works

Personal Development Plan(PCS 109)

  1. Understand the purpose of a Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  2. Understand how to develop a PDP and establish a career path, using  the  S. M. A. R.T goal approach
  3. Understand the importance of CHANGE and how to adapt to it.


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